MOSIL Range of Molybdenum Di-Silicide Heater

MOSIL range of Molybdenum Di Silicide Heater

MOSIL 1800 is a high density material consisting of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi,) and self forming glaze of silicon dioxide (SiO2). It can be used upto Furnace Temperature of 1800°c. These Elements do not age and have a long service life.

The Temperature of around 1200°c the Element becomes ductile. It is brittle at Temperature below 1200°c.

The elements are U shaped and are mostly used suspended with the bottom of the "U" down. The element consists of two cold ends(Lu) and a U-shaped hot section(Le). The cold ends are twice the diameter of the hot section and are attached by a weld. The extremities of cold ends are metallized with aluminium to provide a low-resistance contact area to which the end zones are made with flat braided aluminium straps.